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Tap Application Form

By Submitting this form and application I understand that I will be billed the tap fee $27,314.00 as well as quarterly for service charges per the District fee schedule. I understand that service charges will begin on the date the tap is/are purchased.  I understand that the service charges will be billed quarterly in the amount of $257.63.  Of this amount $111.00 is paid to Granby Sanitation District for sewer treatment, $9.80 is paid to the Town of Granby for sewer service, $54.65 is paid to the Town of Granby for water treatment, $35.18 is paid to the Town of Granby for the Water Treatment Plant Debt Fee, and $47.00 is retained by SilverCreek Water and Sanitation District for water and sewer service.

I understand that outside watering, permitted by the Board of Directors, encourages natural grasses, trees and shrubbery to be established.

I understand that I am being charged for inspection of the water and sewer tap by the District Inspector. District Inspector can be reached at 970- 531-2321.

I agree to have my plumber contact the District for an appointment to:

  • inspect the tap connections to mains (while the ditch is open) and the curb stop,
  • inspect the tap connections to the sewer main and location of clean-outs (while the ditch is open) and
  • inspect the closing and tamping and restoration of the road cut. If later settling requires additional road restoration, I agree to have this work completed within 4 business days. However, if for any reason the District needs to have this work completed, I agree to pay all costs.

I understand that taps may only be installed, and road cuts performed between May 15th and October 15th.

I understand and agree that I will be charged, per the District Fee Schedule, for additional family units, apartments, servant quarters, guest houses, swimming pools and hot tubs, and that the payment of one tap fee only allows for the installation of one kitchen as defined by the District's Rules and Regulations.

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