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About Us

Trees and Houses, mountain in background

The SilverCreek Water and Sanitation District (SCWSD) was formed in 1982 to provide drinking water and sewer services to the entire SilverCreek Development.  While the SilverCreek Development has seen ownership and name changes, the Water and Sanitation District still remains under the original name. Water provided in the District meets all Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmental standards.  Waste water is sent to the Granby Sanitation Wastewater Treatment Plant to be processed to CDPHE Standards before being released into the Fraser River.

In 2004, the majority of customers in the SCWSD annexed their land into the Town of Granby and the District shrank to 571 customers.  Today, our main responsibilities are to operate and maintain the water mains that deliver the treated water, as well as, the sewer mains that transport the wastewater to the treatment plant.